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        Jiangsu Lianlian Chemcial CO., LTD. (short for LIANLIAN CHEM), former known as Zhejiang Ultrafine Powder & Chemical Co., Ltd, founded in 1995 by senior engineer Lian Jiasong, specializing in the research and production of rubber accelerator, high purity nano-alumina and intermediate aluminum alcohol for 25 years. 

        With more than 20 years development, we have been adhering to the road of independent innovation. From the first production line of aluminum isopropoxide, sec-butoxide, high-purity nano-alumina in domestic industry, to the first production line of ultra-fine rubber accelerator and  high-purity nano-alumina production line for lithium-ion battery separator coating in China . It records the arduous and difficult business history, never giving up sprit. At the same time, it has also tempered several generations of consecutive people.

        Our R&D center has been engaged in the research and development of new products and new materials in the field of ultra-fine and nano-professionals. We have developed and produced nearly 100 varieties of polymer additives, new energy and intermediate products. Our company is the only enterprise in China that undertakes and completes the national major support project of the Ministry of Science and Technology “an annual production line of 10,000 tons of high polymer carrier predispersed rubber additives (master rubber particles)”. We obtained nearly 20 national invention patents and 4 utility model patents; presided or participated in 7 Chinese rubber auxiliaries industry standards. 

        LIANLIAN CHEM adopts the group company management mode, which is affiliated to Henan Lianlian Liyuan New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Aitek Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huiyue New Material Co., Ltd and UP&C NEW Materials Co., Ltd. Ningbo.

        Lianlian Liyuan New Materials Co., Ltd. has a registered RMB100 million, annual output is 30,000 tons, including 15,000 tons rubber accelerator powder and 15,000 tons pre-dispersed rubber accelerator.
        Zhejiang Aitek Materials Co., Ltd. has a registered RMB25 million, annual output 10,000 tons of nano-alumina for lithium-ion battery separator. 

        Zhejiang Huiyue New Material Co., Ltd. has a registered RMB30 million, has an annual output of 10,000 tons of aluminum isopropoxide, aluminum sec-butoxide and high-purity alumina. 

        Ultrafine (Ningbo) New Materials Co., Ltd. is a sales company for the above three companies in domestic and global market.

        Lianlian Chemical produce high-tech, professional-grade technical products, provide good services for our customers. Sincerely look forward to cooperating with you and bring better value-added service s to you!


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