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        Current location:CEO

        CEOLianlian Chemical, Since 1995
        Dear friends,
        Welcome to visit our web. On behalf of all employees in our group company, I would like to thank you for your attention and support!

        In the spring of 1995, Lianlian Chemical was born under the reform and opening up environment. As one of the earliest pioneers in the field of nano-alumina new materials and ultra-fine active rubber additives, we are based on the concept of “unity and innovation, integrity management, benefit for employees and value for society”. With the support and help from friends in every area, we have been rapid developed, grow from small to big, weak to strong, rapid development has been achieved.

        We have focused on lean, standardized, innovative management in the developing 25 years. With differentiated business strategies, we are down-to-earth and hard-working all the way to go forward. In quality management, we set strict technical standards, strictly comply with various standards, implement management systems, and strictly control product quality.

        We advocate that “making better life and happy work for the strugglers”, so that all employees can enjoy the happiness while creating wealth for themselves, their families, the enterprise and society, plus enjoy the happiness that grow together with the company, 

        Perseverance, integrity, self-confidence and cooperation are the cornerstones of our 100-year-old store and the guarantee of success. Let us join hands together and work hard for the bright future.


        My status
        My status